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Would you like to see your dreams come true or just be able to help out with expenses at home? Are you a single Mom or Dad just looking to make ends meet? I've been there! There have been periods of time in my life where I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills or once again, I had to tell one of my daughters that they could not participate in one extra curricular or another because I just simply couldn't afford it or the gas money it would take to get them back and forth to it. Trust me, I know about money being tight!

Fortunately, for me (and YOU!) all it costs to start your Avon business is $25. That's it! Your Avon starter kit will come with 20 brochures to hand out (10 for the current campaign and 10 for the next campaign), 5 Mark Magalogs, 2 What's New brochures (These are for you to buy items that will be on sale in future campaigns but you can order them early for a fraction of the price! They are called Demos), 10-20 samples depending on which kind they send you, an order book, a folder of literature with tons of information on how to get your business off to a rocking start, and 2 FREE products! My free products were an Anew Clinical product and a SkinSoSoft product which I loved! The 2 free products make up the cost of the kit alone.

Avon has helped me be able to tell my daughters yes more often and has given me the financial freedom to live a richer, more stress free life and I am so grateful. Don't get me wrong, it's not a free ride but it's not rocket science either. You can do this! Plus, it's just FUN to run your own business. Who doesn't like having the freedom to run things their own way?

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