How to Find and Join Pinterest Group Boards

How to get Invited to a Group Board on Pinterest 

How to get invited to contribute on Pinterest Group Boards and why they are so important to bloggers and small business owners.


Why Pinterest Group Boards are Important for Small Business Owners

You may have heard all the hoopla people are making over Pinterest these days. Let me tell you, the hoopla is well deserved. The fact is, Pinterest is becoming one of the fastest growing search engines, even giving Google a run for it's money! Think about it, when you want to look up how to do something, a funny meme, inspirational quote, pretty pictures, get some holiday ideas, recipes, etc., do you go to Google or do you hop on over to Pinterest? I tend to go to Pinterest because I love visuals and I know there are usually tutorials to go with what I'm looking for.

Pinterest for small business is also a gem because although the general business world is becoming hip to the fact that it is a quiet powerhouse, it still hasn't gone completely mainstream.

You can advertise for fractions of what Facebook is charging you and substantially more people will see your content as a result. Facebook, on the other hand, has algorithms in place that are so strict that you can spend mountains of cash with nothing to show for it. I know this from first hand experience. Once you spend those mountains of cash on Facebook, you will get a short lived boost in viewership and/or engagement but unless you continue to pay, you soon lose all your progress and are back at square one wishing fans of your page could see your content.

Pinterest is the opposite. Once you make progress, especially if your content is evergreen and relevant, you not only keep that progress but it tends to snowball. The more pins you get on a particular pin, the more Pinterest will show it to other pinners as a suggested pin. People following those pinners who have pinned your pin will also see it in their feed which exposes it to even more potential pins. Seriously, Pinterest is my absolute favorite, I can't even tell you!

Also, Pinterest has a much higher rate of conversion of paying customers compared to Facebook. This means you are more likely to gain paying customers from Pinterest rather than Facebook because pinners tend to come with more of a mindset to shop.

Pinterest Group Board Invitation

One of the awesome opportunities that Pinterest offers is Group Boards. Group boards are Pinterest boards that multiple people can pin to. These people are called contributors or collaborators. To become a collaborator, one must be invited by either the board owner or other board contributors depending on the board settings. The more contributors to a board, the more diverse and fresh the content. When a board has a lot of fresh and relevant content, other pinners are more likely to follow it. The cool thing is, when a new contributor is added to the board, if they have any followers that follow all of their boards rather than just 1 or 2, those followers will automatically be following your group board as well. It's a win-win!

How to Find the Right Pinterest Group Board for Your Brand

Find the Pinterest Group Board or boards you want to contribute to. You can find a great clickable list of popular group boards that will fit your niche at PinGroupie. They offer filters to find the category and board size you're looking for. Once you find one, click through to it and figure out who the owner is.

Sometimes it can be hard to know who the owner of a Pinterest group board is because the instructions in the board description aren't clear. It also is sometimes unclear how to contact them. The easiest way to figure out who owns the group board is to go into the board itself. Look up in the top right corner. This is where you’ll find the group board creator in the circle on the far left, along with 2 other accounts that were the most recent to join the board. Next to that you’ll see the number of other pinners contributing besides those first three.

How to get Invited to Contribute to a Pinterest Group Board.


Contacting the Pinterest Group Board Owner

Some group board owners want you to complete a sequence of tasks before you even apply to contribute to their Pinterest Group Board. Some would like you to follow all of their personal Pinterest boards, while others will only consider your request if you also join their Facebook group. I have also seen boards where a condition of pinning each pin to the board requires that you then re-pin one of the other pins already on the board to one of your personal boards. Be aware of the rules of each board and respect them.

In most cases, the group board owner asks that you leave a comment on one of their pins requesting to join or contribute to their group board. This can be a daunting task if the board you are trying to get invited to already has thousands and thousands of pins. Here's a short cut to scrolling for hours.

Click on the owners picture icon up at the top of the page. It will take you to their personal Pinterest page. You will automatically land on the BOARDS page. You want to click the PINS tab in between the BOARDS tab and the LIKES tab. This will show you all of the pins they have personally pinned from newest to oldest. Look for one pinned to your preferred group board and comment on it. Mention which board you want to contribute to, the url to your Pinterest page, and your email address. Make sure you give them the email you used to sign up for your Pinterest account because that is how they will search for you to invite you. 

If the group board description asks you to email the owner rather than commenting on a pin, just email them requesting to join their board (be specific on which board you are looking to join) and give them the email you used to sign up for your Pinterest account and your Pinterest page url. You might want to add what kind of content you would like to contribute and maybe a bit about what you do. Are you a blogger looking to contribute homemaking tips or blogging tips? Are you a budding chef looking to contribute recipes? Just make sure you give them as much information as you think they might need to make a decision. Be personable and polite. There is nothing that turns board owners off more than someone being rude and demanding.

The final step? Wait for them to send an invite, accept it and then pin away. That's it!

Some of My Group Boards to Get You Started

You can find me on Pinterest Here.

  • If you are an Avon Representative or a representative for another direct sales company, you can request to join my Avon Mavens Group Board. It is full of tips, tricks, and ideas for directs sales consultants.
If one of these boards are not in your niche of expertise but they contain valuable information you would like to keep up on, feel free to click through to these group boards and just hit follow.

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How to get Invited to Pin to a Pinterest Group Board.


  1. Great, great advice! I thoroughly enjoy pinterest and this was extremely helpful to me and probably many others!
    Awesome post xx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you found it useful! I know when I was starting out, Group Boards were a total mystery! lol

  2. very great tips.i have learnt a lot reading your post.thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very welcome and I am glad it was helpful to you!

  3. It can be really hard to find group boards that actually fit well with your niche! When I first started I joined a bunch of random group boards but I've finally narrowed it down and joined groups that actually hit my target audience!

    1. So true! There are so many factors that go into figuring out if a group board is the right fit, and you're right, the boards target audience is such a huge factor!

  4. I'm in a lot of groups boards but I haven;t seen the return yet, but I still keep plugging away!

    1. Maybe go through and see if the group boards you are a part of appeal to your target audience. Make sure they have a decent number of contributors as well as followers. Make sure their repin rate is high because that will affect the Pinterest algorithm and how many people the boards pins get in front of.

  5. Excellent advice! I have to clean up some of my group boards and make sure I'm using good ones!

    1. Thank you. That really is they key to making them work for you. You have to find the boards that appeal to your target audience so you can get in front of them.

  6. I have had an eye on what to do with Pinterest. I know it's very popular. Thank you for all of the useful information.

    1. You are welcome. It is definitely a powerhouse for traffic when it comes to my site.


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