A New Year, A New Resolution: Start Your Own Avon Business

Become Financially Independent in the New Year

A New Year, A New Resolution: Start Your Own Avon Business

Join Avon Online - Become financially independent this year doing something you love. Join Avon for $15 and begin the journey of building your own business. When you Become an Avon Representative Online, you are signing up as an Independent Avon Representative. You are not an employee of Avon but an independent contractor Selling Avon under the terms and conditions outlined in the Avon contract. When you join Avon, you become eligible for not only an unlimited percentage of your Avon sales, but also for cash and prize incentives, trips, vacations, leadership bonuses, as well as recognition awards for all your hard work. I absolutely love my Avon business and you will too!

My 2016 Goals

This is your year! This is going to be the year that you make a change, that you do something different, that you take a step towards the future you have always wanted! Becoming an entrepreneur has always been a passion of mine. I had dreams and plans to one day build an empire and run my own business how I thought it should be run, to be my own boss, and to become financially secure. One day. It seemed like that day was always around the corner just out of reach. Sound familiar? Take hold of the reins and start making those dreams come true! 2016 is going to be your year!

Join Avon This Year

Sign up to become an Independent Avon Representative

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70 Places To Leave Avon Brochures - Where To Leave Avon Catalogs and Business Cards

Places To Leave Avon Brochures

There are a number of places you can leave your Avon Brochures in order to try to gain new customers. It's helpful to be creative and come up with new places that are particular to your own area but just to get you going, here is a list to start with.

A list of 70 places an Avon Representative could leave Avon brochures to gain more customers.

The key to gaining new Avon customers is leaving brochures in strategic places consistently in number. Don't expect to see a sudden jump in your customer base or sales because you remembered to leave brochures a couple times in a couple places. You have to consciously keep brochures in your bag/purse at all times and train yourself to scope out and recognize opportunities when they arise. You also have to get past the fear of being caught doing something wrong. If it turns out there is a policy that an establishment doesn't allow soliciting, they will use the contact information on your brochure or business card to let you know. No harm, no foul.

I personally leave my Avon brochures in many of the places on this list but my 2 particular favorites are bathroom stalls and neighborhood tossing.

Leaving brochures in the clear literature bags hanging from the coat hooks on the back of bathroom stall doors is super simple. When people use the stall, if they are interested, they will take the brochure and if they are not, they will leave it for someone who is.

I like to take my boxes of old Avon brochures and toss them in random neighborhoods. Sometimes I get a bite and sometimes I don't but I feel like I'm blanketing more ground by doing this. Plus it makes me feel better knowing my old brochures didn't go to waste. 

If you are feeling particularly bold, introduce yourself to people when going to the places on the list and hand them an Avon brochure personally. Putting a face to the name on the back of your brochure inspires confidence and may gain you an order where the customer might have otherwise hesitated. Make sure you get their contact infomation when you do this so you can call and follow up!

Happy Canvasing!

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