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Get your $15 AVON kit fee back when you sign up September 2nd-15th, 2015.

Have you been thinking about joining AVON? Today through September 15, 2015 is the BEST time to do it! Join my team today and get your money back! All you have to do is sign up now through September 15, 2015 and place a first order of $100. That sounds overwhelming, right? "$100?! I could never do that!" You would be surprised. I'm just an ordinary person but my first order was for $158 and I hadn't even canvased for new customers yet. That was just a couple of my friends and family ordering. Believe it or not, people love AVON! Once you let people know you are an AVON lady (or gentleman), they will tell their friends.

This $100 order will also qualify you for the new representative incentive called The Hit 100 Challenge where you can earn free sample bundles, $100 cash, and a product bundle worth over $100! It's 2 great incentives that roll into each other and you could be reaping the benefits! Interested? Sign-Up Today or Contact Me for more information.

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